Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Arrivals

Here are a few of the aural delights that have popped through my letter box over the last few weeks.

The Crampton Sisters – Baby Baby

I’ve been after this single for ages and was always getting outbid for it but perseverance won the day and I’ve finally got my grubby hands on it. I first heard this on the Kent compilation Class of 66 and was immediately taken by the oboe, not an instrument you normally associate with soul music. This is a mid-paced dancer of the highest order and I am smitten with the slightly out of tune backing vocals.

O.V. Wright – Love The Way You Love

I first heard about this on Larry Grogan’s excellent Funky 16 Corners blog and had to pick up a copy. I suggest you do likewise, as this is top quality soul with a driving beat and pleading vocals.

Mirettes – Take Me For A Little While

I’ve loved this track for ages but again Larry Grogan prompted me to open my wallet after he wrote about it on his blog. This version knocks seven shades out of the Evie Sands original and is for my money far superior.

Pearl Woods – Sippin Sorrow

This is a top draw rhythm and blues dancer.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Soul Britannia

Soul Britannia started on BBC4 last Friday. The first episode was excellent and with any luck it will be repeated a few times this week. The series looks at the impact of American and Caribbean sounds on British music and the development of soul and reggae in the UK.

The first episode featured footage of Jimmy James and the Vagabonds (who’s version of Ain’t Love Good, Ain’t Love Proud is a big favourite of mine),
Geno Washington and Dusty. But I expect the quality to drop heavily as the series goes on as we are almost guaranteed footage of Simply Red, M People and Jamiroquai but we should enjoy the good stuff whilst it lasts.

A link to the BBC's Soul Britannia site can be found here