Monday, February 07, 2005

Soulful 7s

Here is my first instalment of soulful 7s, a list of some of my favourite 7 inch slabs of plastic, some of these tracks are old favourites and some are ones that I’ve picked up over the last few months. I hope that this will become a regular feature and I will do another one when I have bought enough new stuff or dug out some more stuff from the back of my collection. All of this batch has been played at Uptight over the last year and they all rock. I’ve included sound clips, courtesy of Soul Club or Funk 45, wherever I can.

B.W. Souls – Marvin’s Groove (Round)

  • Marvin's Groove

  • Man, what a record and not difficult to pick up either. Starts with a great piece of percussion and builds on a groovy little horn line. The break is class and guaranteed dance floor dynamite. A must.

    Ike and Tina Turner – Bold Soul Sister (Blue Thumb)

  • Bold Soul Sister

  • This is hard, it starts hard and gets harder. I’ve started sets with this record and it pummels the crowd into submission, once you’ve played this, they’re yours for the night. I love Tina’s opening line of “Stuff and things and things and stuff”. She’s a bold soul sister indeed.

    Betty Adams – Make It Real (Ride On) (Notes Of Gold)

  • Make It Real (Ride On)

  • I’d been after this Aretha-a-like ever since hearing it on a David Holmes comp a couple of years ago but had no luck tracking it down until those nice people at Budget Beats did the business. This is a storming track and the call and response chorus gets me every time. Nice breakdown to boot.

    Jean Knight – Carry On (Stax)

    The dance floor doesn’t lie, this is one funky single. Top sister funk. A nice cheap record to pick up, mine only cost me a couple of dollars.

    Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins – Say I Do (Coral)

    I don’t know whether this is the A or B side of this single but I love it. It’s from ’63 and it’s got an early soul / R&B type sound with a skippy rhythm. Jackie is on top form here and the point where his vocal comes in for the first time sends shivers up my spine. In the right club this would go down storm.

    Prince La La – She Put The Hurt On Me (A.F.O. Records)

  • She Put The Hurt On Me

  • New Orleans R&B at it’s best. If you’re familiar with the Spencer Davis Group version of this tune, you’ve got to track this one down because it’s loads better. With a name like Prince La La, it was always going to be good and it doesn’t disappoint. It’s a swampy, sweaty track with the vocals reminding me of Dr John in places.

    Lamp Sisters – Sweet Daddy Soul (Duke)

    I picked this up after reading about it on Soul Generation and it just goes to show that Martin is a man whose recommendations should be taken seriously. This has an Aretha type feel to it and is a real grower. Great chorus, strong vocals throughout. I’ve got a couple of their other singles and they are all good.

    Etta James – Tighten Up Your Own Thing (Checker)

    I love Etta James and buy just about everything by her that I come across. I bought this one blind and wasn’t disappointed, it may not quite be up there with Seven Day Fool, or In The Basement but it isn’t far behind. It’s got a really strong funky backing and a great vocal, what more do you need?

    Mitty Collier – I Can’t Lose (Peachtree)

  • I Can't Lose

  • I’ve got Ed to thank for introducing me to Mitty Collier, like with Etta James, I tend to buy a lot of her stuff blind and to date I haven’t picked up a duff track. I Can’t Lose is the pick of the pack. Funky, funky, soul that is highly recommended.

    Mary Jane Hooper – I’ve Got Reasons (Power-Pac)

  • I've Got Reaons

  • This has become an in demand record since Soul Jazz comped it and getting hold of a copy at the right price has caused me nightmares. There were plenty of early morning alarm calls in order to be at my computer to bid for it on eBay, only for it to pass my cut off price at the last minute. Well I’ve managed to get hold of a copy now and it was worth every sleepless night and early morning.

    The track was written by and produced by Eddie Bo, a guarantee of quality if ever there was one, and is one of my favourite tracks that he has been involved in. It starts with a quick run up and down the keyboard before Mary kicks in and does her thing. This is a seriously funky record and if it doesn’t make you want to dance, you must be dead from the neck down.

    Ellie Greenwich – I Want You To Be My Baby (UA)

    I first came across this song on the Kent compilation On The Soul Side about twelve years ago and I’ve loved it ever since but it is only the last month that I’ve picked up a copy.

    This is a high-octane track with a brilliant call and response intro and is really immediate. It’s a real call to the floor and I’m looking forward to playing it for the first time at Uptight this month. This is going to be a cornerstone of my set for months to come.

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