Sunday, May 01, 2005

Roger’s Top Ten – May ‘05

Some of my current favourites.

Jean Knight – Anyone Can Love Him (Staff)
The Raelettes – Leave My Man (Woman) Alone (Tangerine)
Thelma Jones – Stronger (Barry)
Little Mary Staten – Steppin’ Stone (GME)
“Little Esther” Phillips – While It Lasted (Lennox)
Smokey Robinson and the Miracles – If You Can Want (Tamla)
Linda Jones – I Can’t Stand It (Loma)
Roscoe Robinson – What Makes A Man Do Wrong (Tuff)
Pat Lewis – Can’t Shake It Loose(Golden World)
Jean Wells – With My Love And What You’ve Got (We Can Turn The World Around) (Calla)


Larry Grogan said...

Very nice list. Love the Thelma Jones, Pat Lewis, and the Jean Wells is one of my all time fave records!

Roger said...

Cheers Larry. Thanks for putting me on to some great tunes on your site and blog.

If you ever find yourself in the UK, do you fancy a set?


Larry Grogan said...

Glad you like the site! If ever I make it to the UK I would indeed fancy a set (or two...).

Roger said...

You're on :o)

Anonymous said...

Great play list- really enjoyed it, i have a suggestion for one of my favorites, Frank Wilson's 'Do I love you (indeed I do). its one of the greats, wouldn't you agree! thanks again

Roger said...

Glad you like the list. Frank Wilson's Do I Love You is indeed a great track and one that we regularly spin. Thanks, Roger