Monday, March 05, 2007

Barbra Mercer – Nobody Loves You Like Me (Golden World)

This is one of my current favourites and a nice cheap one to pick up. I can see why Berry Gordy bought out Golden World because there is a definite Motown vibe to this Detroit stormer. Barbra Mercer offers breathy vocals over a driving beat and some nice piano. I haven’t had the chance to play this one out yet but I am certain to do so on Good Friday.

I’ve found Golden World to be a pretty reliable label and it’s nice and easy to pick up stuff on it. Both the Reflections (Just Like) Romeo and Juliet and Pat Lewis’ Can’t Shake It Loose, will be familiar to many but that doesn’t detract from how great they are.


Darcy said...

Weird! I had just found and was reading your blog when what should pop into my inbox - your comment on Kim!

Roger said...

That Kim Weston track is a blinder. I love your blog, thanks for tunring me on to some great sounds.