Monday, January 15, 2007

Roger's Current Favourites

Here's a few tracks that are getting spins at home at the moment.

Baby Washington - Think About The Good Times (Veep)

A great, great song. Storming chorus, funky beats and enough soul energy to fill any floor. This is a real favourite at the moment and sure to feature strong in all of my sets throughout 2007.

The Miller Sisters - I'm Telling It Like It Is (GMC)

Soul perfection. Massive sing-a-long chorus, great backing vocals and everything I look for in dancefloor soul, really.

Mitty Collier - I Can't Lose (Peachtree)

Huge. Huge vocals, huge song, you know it makes sense.

"Little Esther" Phillips - While It Lasted (Lennox)

Did I say the last one was big? This is bigger. There's nothing little about Ms Phillips vocals. A great mid-paced backing and a voice to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end. I always get loads of positive feedback when I spin this. A great song.

Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready (Reprise)

A great version of the Temptations classic.

Ike & Tina Turner - Can't Chance A Break Up (Sue)

I was searching for a decent copy at a decent price for a while and it was worth the wait. A beautiful song, with a beautiful vocal from Tina. One of my favourites.

Jackie Day - Before It's Too Late (Modern)

Another track that I had been on the lookout for at the right price for a while. This was one of the first northern songs I got into. The beat is irresistible.

Chris Clark - Love Gone Bad (VIP)

Another huge track. I've only ever played this out once but hearing it at high volume made the night for me. This has quite an unusual production, it's almost garagey in places but all the better for it.

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