Monday, January 08, 2007

We've finally got off our arses

I will be DJing with the Major (Andy) at the Kelsey in Tunbridge Wells on Good Friday (6th April 2007). I will post more details as I have them. I've been busy hoovering up some fine soul sevens over the last year and a bit and am really looking forward to getting a chance to play them out, I might even write about some of them on here but then I've promised that before and not done it.

Ed and I have also been talking about getting a regular night up and running again but the problem, as ever in Tunbridge Wells, is finding a decent venue, if anyone has any ideas I'd be delighted to hear from you.

We have also been talking about doing a one off in London. No firm details as yet, Ed and I are planning a days reconnaissance to see if we can find a venue, again all tip offs gratefully received.

Finally, to celebrate our return to action, I will be giving this site a spring clean and adding some new features.

Have a soulful New Year and keep the faith.

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