Monday, May 14, 2007

BlushRadio Volume 3

Roscoe Robinson - What Makes A Man Do Wrong
Miller Sisters - I'm Telling It Like It Is
Pearl Woods - Sippin Sorrow
Jackie Ross - Jerk & Twine
The Shirelles - Baby It's You
Jackie Wilson & Linda Hopkins - Say I Do
Martha Jean Love - How To Succeed In Love (Without Really Trying)
Mamie Galore - It Ain't Necessary
"Little Esther" Phillips - Wile It Lasted

Ed’s posted a couple of fantastic podcasts over the last month or so and I thought that it was about time that pitched in with my own. As it is my first attempt, I plead with you to be gentle with me, whilst I find my feet. Having said that, I hope that you enjoy what I consider to be some fantastic tunes. I have tried to select a broad spectrum of sixties soul, taking in a bit of r&b along the way. I have also picked a couple of tracks that I have written up on here before, because it'll all make so much more sense when you hear them.

Roscoe Robinson – What Makes A Man Do Wrong

This is the first of the tracks that I have previously written about on this blog and the full entry can be found here. I love this track, it has energy in abundance and the raw backing really gets me.

The Miller Sisters – I’m Telling It Like It Is

I don’t know a great deal about this track, there was a country act also going by the name of the Miller Sisters around the same time, were they the same band (answers on a postcard please)? Anyway, this is top quality up beat dance floor soul with to die for backing vocals. Great stuff.

Pearl Woods – Sippin Sorrow

The second of my old post retreads for this podcast. A real r&b scorcher, with Little Richard’s band, the Upsetters, providing the backing. The original post can be found here.

Jackie Ross – Jerk and Twine

I’ve had a bit of thing for Jackie Ross for a long time. She was featured on some of the first northern compilations I got my hands on and I just love her voice, the further I’ve delved into her catalogue the more smitten I’ve become. I’ve Got The Skill is also well worth checking out, as to is her version of Take Me For A Little While.

The Shirelles – Baby It’s You

Does music get any more perfect than this? I know that this song is well known but you’d have to be a fool or a liar not to love it. This is girl group perfection of the highest order and the organ solo gets me every time. Baby It’s You was written by Burt Bacharach, Barney Williams and Mack David. It has been covered by Elvis Costello, Cilla Black, Loleatta Holloway, Foxy Brown, Cliff Richard, Nick Lowe and most famously by the Beatles but sod them, it’s this version that you need in your life.

Jackie Wilson and Linda Hopkins – Say I Do

My copy of this is the UK issue (the US issue was on Brunswick). Say I Do is the b side to Shake A Hand and as Ed has pointed out several times over his podcasts, shows the value of flipping the disc.

Martha Jean Love – How To Succeed In Love (Without Really Trying)

This is a wonderful slice of northern; a great up beat track, with hand claps galore and a sing along chorus. This should get anyone with a heart beat up and heading for the dance floor.

Mamie Galore – It Ain’t Necessary

Mamie Galore was born Mamie Davis in Mississippi in 1940. She joined the Ike and Tina Review before hooking up with Little Milton, which brought her to Chicago and in tern St Lawrence. She recorded a number of sides for St Lawrence, notably the Bond cash in Special Agent 34-24-38. This fantastic northern dancer was produced by Monk Higgins.

“Little Esther” Phillips – While It Lasted

Little Esther was born Esther Mae Washington in 1935 in Galveston, Texas. She was originally noticed by Johnny Otis and joined his review in 1949. Before signing to Lennox in 1960 she recorded for Savoy, Federal and Decca. While It Lasted is a wonderful mid paced moody number and has always gone down really well when I’ve played it out.

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The Stepfather of Soul said...

OK, I'm off to buy the Miller Sisters record right now! Awesome stuff!

Anonymous said...

More great tunes! More additions to my wants list!!! Martha Jean Love..... How have I lived without this in my collection???? The tune is currently in my head and I will not rest until it's in my record box!

Darcy said...

Re The Miller Sisters:
I've just got a copy of this - it's great (but you don't need me to tell you that!)
Not the same group that recorded country songs and appeared on Sun in the 50s.

Some background and great pics of them here:

steve soul said...

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