Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Around the blogs

I have stumbled upon a number of brilliant music blogs recently. I find them an excellent way of finding out about music and artists that I would otherwise be ignorant of and I never need much of an excuse to expand my wants list.

First up we have the wonderful Fufu Stew. Vincent has been kind enough to give us a couple of shouts over there and has said the kindest things about the first Blush Radio podcast (version two should hit the cyber-airwaves later this week). Vincent has an engagingly idiosyncratic style but more importantly has superb taste in music and his prolificacy puts us to shame. Fufu Stew sounds have rarely been off my MP3 player in the last month.

Next up we have Shindiggit, things are running a little slow over there at the moment but it is still worth checking out. Shindiggit covers a wide base of styles and is all the better for it.

Feel It is an excellent soul blog from over here in Blighty. Darcy posts some great stuff covering a wide variety of soulful sounds and is always well worth reading.

Finally, we come to Office Naps, which I am smitten with. Every Monday is a new post with downloads covering soul, garage, mod, psychedelic, gospel, jazz… I have only discovered this site recently but spent a good afternoon downloading and it’s all good stuff.

I’ve been picking up a load of new stuff over the last couple of weeks and will be writing about a few of them over the next few weeks.



Todd Lucas said...

Roger, thanks for posting this. A couple of these blogs are new to me and are very very good.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the nod. The tremendous outpouring of support in the past week has been phenomenal. As I have always said, no genre is safe. Well, there is the occasional exception. That's to say you won't find any prefabricated pop drivel in my pantry... The next serving is coming real soon.

Peace and blessings.

Darcy said...

Thanks for the mention. You're doing a great job here too.

Looking forward to listening to your podcast, but as they say - so much music so little time.

JASON X said...

Hi Roger,
Thanks for the endorsement...true, things have been slow recently for Shindiggit, but I'm hitting my stride again after a few setbacks. Looks like about a post a week now to keep it steady. Stay tuned for some new stuff coming up soon! Keep the Faith!

Jason X