Monday, April 09, 2007

Pearl Woods – Sippin Sorrow (Charge)

I mentioned this track in my recent purchases write up a while ago but I like it so much that I think it warrants a posting in its own right.

Pearl Woods was born Lily Pearl Woodard on 24th September 1933 in St Matthews, South Carolina and she moved to New York City in 1951. She released her first record in 1956 on Dot and recorded another side for that label before moving on Wall where she released a couple of records.

Sippin Sorrow was released in 1961 and was Pearl’s only single on Charge, it was also had a release on Dawn (anyone care to clear up which release was first?). On it she is backed by Little Richard’s band, the Upsetters. This is a great up beat r&b track with a nice skippy beat and fantastic horns. Pearl clearly feels wronged by her man and warning him that he’ll get his. The vocal performance on this track is very strong, with a nice, slightly slurred delivery, the b side is also excellent.

You'll notice, that I have finally got around to adding label scans to the old posts, sorry for my tardiness.

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the info on this track. I love the tough R&B with a touch of soul vocals. Had no idea it was the Upsetters driving it along.